Family Law Listserve

The listserve that has been set up for members of the Oregon State Bar Family Law Section is intended to facilitate communication between section members.

A listserve is essentially an electronic bulk e-mail to all section members. The listserve offers members the capability of communicating instantly with a large group and having a way to contribute to discussions. If you post to the listserve you are in effect sending that posting to everyone. The e-mails you receive from the listserve will also be received by all members.

Participation is open to all section members who have e-mail addresses registered with the bar. Members are automatically signed up on the listserve, however your participation is not mandatory. If you want to remove yourself, simply unsubscribe.

How to Use This Listserve

To send a listserve message to all members of the family-discuss Section, enter in the To: line of your e-mail.

Replies are directed (by default) to the SENDER of the message ONLY. If you wish to send a reply to the entire list, you can press “Reply to All”.

How to Make Changes to Your Subscription

To unsubscribe, change your email address, or modify your listserve settings, access your OSB member login and select Listserve Preferences under the Manage Your Profile tab in the center of the page.  For additional assistance using this list, see the frequently asked questions page.
This is a closed list – if you believe that there is a technical problem with the listserve, send an e-mail to Michelle Lane at

Guidelines and Considerations

  1. Include a subject line in messages to the list, for example, “lawyer referral needed” on the topic line.  When replying to a message from the digest version of the list, edit the subject line to indicate the topic of reply. 
  2. Try to avoid re-sending the entire message to which you are replying. Cut and paste the relevant parts when replying, and please do not re-send a digest back to the listserve.
  3. If your reply is simply a request to receive a copy of what someone has offered to share, or simply to agree with, or thank someone, please do not reply to the entire listserve.
  4. Sign your messages with your full name, firm name, and appropriate contact information.  E-mail addresses alone do not provide the necessary identification. Find and use the “auto signature” feature, available with many e-mail programs.
  5. Do not send attachments.  In the interest of virus prevention, graphics and attachments are not accepted by any section listserve and messages with any attachments will be returned to the sender. Plain text messages with no attachments are the best format to use for listserve e-mails. Consider copying text from an attachment directly to the body of your listserve e-mail message. 
  6. Obtain permission from the original sender before forwarding a message from this list to someone who does not subscribe to this list.
  7. Avoid using the list to express personal views.  The listserve is not to be used for discussing local, state or federal elections, political issues, or endorsements. Job announcements or solicitations for services are not appropriate messages. In the event that any inappropriate posting is brought to OSB’s attention, we will take all appropriate action and reserve the right to terminate access to any user who does not abide by these guidelines.
  8. If you use an autoresponder when you are away from your office, note that your autoresponse will be sent to the sender of the message only, and not to the entire list. Consider changing your subscription to the digest format while you are away from your office for an extended period of time. See above about changing your subscription.
  9. Electronic communications are making their way into the courtroom. Use caution when discussing cases. Keep in mind the following: listserves messages and e-mails are not casual conversation. Pressing delete does not mean that the data has been deleted.

Family Law Listserve Policy


This distribution list is provided as a service to members of the OSB Family Law Section. Neither the OSB nor the Section are responsible for the opinions and information distributed through this list. The OSB and the Section make no warranties with regard to the accuracy or applicability to any particular use of any information distributed through this list. In no event will the OSB or the Section be liable for any damages resulting from the dissemination or use of any information distributed through this list.